Women over 40 wear simple and elegant clothes

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Middle-aged women wear the most taboo is flashy, so minimalist style has become a synonym for senior in their heart, but also middle-aged women wear a
kind of attitude.
The pursuit of minimalist, love life, can let a person feel the charm of minimalist style, then must mention "Japanese style" wear.
In recent years, Japanese style is very popular among 40+ women, because it can highlight the charm of the individual, but also an expression of fashion.
Women over 40, simple dress more elegant! Learn to wear "Japanese style", senior
age reduction!
Japanese style to create minimalist wind characteristics
1, the contracted color
? Use more basic colors
In terms of dress matching, women pay great attention to the color of their clothes. The most used color is not the most popular nowadays, but the basic
color is in the Japanese style, the basic color expressed by the characteristics
is more durable, but also more simple.
It is mainly black, white and gray, expanding outward continuously, and wearing it on the body is a kind of low-key senior sense, which can fully show
the charm of the female individual, which is worth learning from.
? Simple color matching
Purely out of a color, not the ultimate goal of outfit, a complete set of modelling, one color or more likely, but in the process of color matching, as
far as possible the body not more than three, it is also a typical Japanese
style, for like the minimalist wind, can use the color of the female, has always
been less color, give their own temperament.
So if you want to interpret a more advanced feeling, learn Japanese style, color, color should not be more than three, when the color is too complicated,
it will appear cheap and tacky. The few colors can use the advanced collocation
methods such as clash color or close color to present personal opinions on
color, and also express a personal attitude towards fashion.
2. Simplicity of single product selection
Japanese style is choosing sheet to taste when, also be very characteristic, every sheet is tasted take to be able to discover revealing contracted and
mysterious, at the same time can develop the temperament that belongs to wearing
itself again.
? Mostly pure color single product
Want to pursue the minimalist style, in the color, color control is only one of the aspects, the other is that most of the items are solid color.
Pure color single without any other color embellishment, enduring and versatile look, such as daily white pants or small black pants and white shirt,
these can be classified as pure color minimalist style single, both low-key and
atmospheric, but also very impressive.
? The basic style of the single product
Want to create a simple, clean style, must be inseparable from the basic single product. Based item in the style of Japanese, the frequency is high, such
as simple T-shirt or suit is not too much adornment, simple to use these item
can create an advanced namely visual feeling, and this kind of foundation design
sheet is tasted, both the joker sex style is changed again, have a certain sense
of design, add more icing on the cake, Can create a more delicate and perfect
How to create Japanese style better?
For women in their 40s, if they like the minimalism of Japanese style, they must put it into practice. In the end, there are many ways that can be used for
reference to create a minimalist review and advanced style.
1, basic color binding
Between the base color combination, can let whole modelling have administrative levels feeling of the ascension, and combination between base
color won't let a person feel messy, but more perfect confluence is together,
the test of women in the collocation of color is, for the color application of
proportional control, how to maintain the modelling, have a not drab effect.
? Shirt + brown skirt
This simple pure white shirt, for example, in the Japanese style is very common, is not modest, but did little in the cuff in the processing of detail,
golden buttons for modelling the ornament, lower body is chose brown skirts,
keep the superiority of the color, look comfortable and decent, design and color
is very simple, but the application of two kinds of color together, Increased
the sense of layers, the upper shallow deep shape better control, but also
weakened the rigid effect.
? Shirt + cream pants
Between shirt and milk white pants is the collocation that fastens with color, it is also used, better color tone to foil a personal temperament, in the
upper part of the body and shirts belong to the same color, and the lower body
is chose cream-colored trousers, make the skin more beautiful, the body color is
the basis of fusion, make skin burnish feeling, has the certain high show thin
2. Basic single product collocation method
Basic styles of single items in early autumn, the most used is the coat type, or a thicker dress and so on. Suit coat for 40 years old women, not only to wear
a sense of fashion, but also belong to this age dignified and elegant, can use
their version and collocation, to create a distinctive effect.
? Gray suit
Gray suits are a favorite color for women in early fall. For women in their 40s who are working, try slim-fitting suits. The waist part is more perfect,
outlining the good figure of a 40-year-old woman. At the same time, white is
used as the collocation, and the combination of light and dark creates a
minimalist style belonging to the basic style.
? Black suit + skirt
40 years old female, can also be dignified, elegant, fashionable gentleness, using basic style suits and dress collocation method, adopted the combination of
the same color again at the same time, reduce some of the impact of the color,
look more solemn and elegant, to this kind of color it is better to cultivate
one's morality, and for 40 years old female, more sedate.
Minimalist style has been highly respected for a long time. For women in their 40s, learning some Japanese minimalist style can make daily or workplace
life no longer boring, with more matching methods and skills, and present a
variety of beauty.Read more at: formal dresses adelaide | evening wear perth
Posted 12 Apr 2022

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