How do I choose a car without breaking down?

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I'm considering buying a used car right now. But I'm a little worried that I might make a wrong choice or miss a significant breakdown. How can I avoid that? Any tips?
Posted 14 Apr 2022

alexpav says
Do you know anything about cars? It seems to me that you can't do without the help of an experienced car mechanic. Although even with him it's a very risky venture. For me it is better to wait a little longer, save up some money and buy a new car. You can also consider the possibility of buying a car on credit.
Posted 14 Apr 2022

crysmile says
You just need to take the time and study the question. Especially since there is nothing complicated about it. You can start reading the article and then move on depending on the questions that arise. There are so many details described now that you can use to determine the real condition of the car. I too have bought a used car, no problem whatsoever. Good luck to you. 
Posted 15 Apr 2022

elizabeth1 says
On a number of newer vehicles these days there is a concern regarding brake pulsation, there may be those of you who have experienced this problem, when you knew the vehicle may stop smoothly. It is later perhaps when you have driven a several thousand kilometers the brake pedal begins to pulsate during braking. The brakes, for instance, may seem as though they are grabbing and releasing and to stop smoothly is impossible Cleaning brake rotors
Posted 27 Apr 2022

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