Mozilla Firefox Password reset not working

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You should have a few things in mind. First, when accessing those secure locations to retrieve your password, you may come across a protection tool provided by Mozilla called Master Password. In the second case, it is possible that the master password is not enabled, so the problem would be minor. Firefox used master passwords to protect all saved login information. If you've forgotten your master password, there's no way to find your Mozilla Firefox Password reset not working unless you reset your master password, but this will erase all information stored in it.

Method 1: Recover Password in Firefox When Master Password Tool is Enabled

In this method, the master password tool is enabled, so you need to bypass the protection feature. But why does someone put such protection? Actually, if the user is wise, then he knows very well where the saved passwords and usernames are stored in the web browser. In case someone of your own intellectual level gets in there to retrieve those passwords, you put the protection in place to prevent them from getting in there. Now just follow the instructions given below step by step to solve your problem:
Step 1. Open your Mozilla Firefox web browser.
Step 2. Go to the URL section, where the names of websites are written.
Step 3. Within the URL search panel, type in the specific location given below and press "Enter":
Step 4. Pressing "Enter" will automatically direct you to the location where you can reset your Master Password feature.
Step 5. On the page that appears below, click the "Reset" option and the feature will be disabled and allow you to enter the saved password and username area.

Method 2: Recover Saved Passwords and Usernames in Mozilla Firefox

Well, this method is only applicable if the master password feature has been disabled before. Otherwise, the feature would create a problem. The first method above was shown for the respective purpose.
Step 1. Open your Mozilla Firefox browser.
Step 2. Go to the "Firefox" menu and click there.
Step 3. In the dropdown list, click "Options".
Step 4. By clicking "Options", an operating window will appear. In that window, go to the "Security" tab and click there to choose the section.
Step 5. In the "security" panel, you will see many options with a checkbox next to them and a "saved passwords..." option in the bottom right corner of the window.
Step 6. Click on the "saved passwords..." tab, and a new window will open again.
Step 7. The new window labeled "Saved Passwords" by default stores all your login details such as usernames and passwords that you enter when accessing any website.
Posted 15 Apr 2022

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