Around 30 years old women, dress to pay attention to texture

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Especially many 30 years old of girls, in fact, they don't like young women in their 20 s, now is to pursue a more tender feeling, more the pursuit of a
more mature and sedate style, this is accord with more than 30 years old age
stage to pursue a goal, not every one outfit look young, there is some one who
is, won't skill, Many of the clothes look good, but they look terrible.
Women around 30 years old, dress to pay attention to texture, look at these clothes, daily practical and advanced, so we are more mature and elegant style
how to wear, especially the mature sense of women in their 30s, how to choose
styles to wear will be better?
A windbreaker with white pants
Do you have pairs of white pants in your closet? Or a few black pants, in fact, is very useful in the fall, whether white or black pants can be, these
colors can also be matched with any color, will appear very advanced, will
appear very mature, it is very suitable for the dressing style of more than 30
years old women.
White pants itself there is a very high level of feeling, can let every girl's wardrobe inside is white, such as design, especially in women over 30
years old, although someone will challenge the jeans, but there are some jeans
personality and shape match will appear a little act young feeling, also want to
see some of our own clothing style and personality. Of course, white pants
should be a versatile, how to match and how to choose?
White pants many will match the shirt, white pants and shirts match is a very advanced and elegant feeling, except for senior and white pants, is mature, the
nature in the fall, the weather, in addition to white pants, and jacket is also
belong to the joker, a lot of our set later will choose a coat collocation in
the outside.
Trench coat is also we become autumn clothing styles will choose choice, because the dust coat it is really very nice, regardless of 20, 30, and 40 years
old, very likes to wear a coat, the design of dust coat is bigger, and it does
not seem to be very loose, then most is white and grey color is more, Probably
most people choose the windbreaker is khaki, a look very mature.
White pants and lady's shoes should be a versatile formula, especially white lady's shoes, which are comfortable inside and look clean without too much
graphic complexity.
Two, trench coat with knit sweater
In fact, a lot of people will choose the style of windbreaker, and in summer and autumn, we often choose even the winter will be someone to choose the
windbreaker, but we choose to wear in winter, the inside of the sweater or
sweater will be better, because the wind and rain actually warm degree is not
too strong.
Windbreaker looks very three-dimensional, but also wear the whole person is very spirit, the most important is also versatile, so how can everyone's
wardrobe without a windbreaker? In fact, the windbreaker is quite simple to
wear, but we should pay attention to a characteristic is that we wear the
windbreaker inside the interior, try to choose a simple style, do not choose a
three-dimensional style too strong.
If the weather is a little bit colder, we can choose a sweater in the inside, or a turtleneck sweater can be, whether it is a sweater or a turtleneck sweater,
in fact, is relatively gentle, whether it is washed up or put up, for the skin
is relatively gentle.
Such collocation, of course, we will certainly choose pants, especially in the autumn, few people will choose to match the skirt, dress, although is very
good-looking, but wear build up is, indeed, is not very convenient, many people
choose pants, pants and it is better to wear a little, with a focus on the pants
is relatively warm, warm way can be a little bit to learn and understand, When
it gets cold, we can just wear it.
This actually may be meet with a little more than a pair of sports shoes, sports shoes also looks very light, and activities, and are convenient to walk
and whether to go to work, or leisure contracted at ordinary times, if it is a
lot more important occasion, then match a pair of high heels, high heels is
temperament, but really not feeling well, The choice does not meet the situation
of grinding feet.
Three, sweater with half skirt
Think of autumn, everybody still can think of a design, be we often say knit unlined upper garment, knit unlined upper garment is worn actually build itself
very young, and wear very gentle also, especially the design of a few V collar,
can get the welcome of more people.
This is a knitted sweater with different colors mixed together, which is also very suitable for young women in their 30s, and many colors mixed together. In
fact, the overall style of knitted sweater is not so single. Although a single
style is easy to match, it is not as good as the design of multiple styles mixed
V-neck sweater and loose, it is a bit more friendly to a lot of women, and the inclusion is quite strong, especially the women all like it very much more
relaxed clothing, wear build up and release skin, appear less compact overall
skin, and V is gotten can reveal collarbone is also very sexy, collocation of
small necklace can totally see clearly, feel have a good taste, While these
trinkets may be small, many people focus on something more exotic, with some
focusing on rings, watches and even necklaces.
This outfit, of course, also can't avoid skirts, seemed fairy skirts actually set up a lot of wear the feeling of flying, and inclusive skirts is strong,
especially in the lower half is not a perfect girl, wear skirts will completely
cover the imperfect, then appears very wealthy, very natural beauty.
So, 30 years old of girls actually also don't feel too old, but don't themselves young, if wear the dress is too young, is to act young, 30 years old,
although it is a very young stage, but if too young, will look very
uncomfortable, is already at this stage are biased towards the mature style, and
so mature and elegant, 30 is the best explanation.
We don't own too old, or to choose some very old clothes, and even get into a don't like the appearance of, in fact, every girl dressed up very perfect, just
a lot of people don't have the time to dress up, or there is no time to learn
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Posted 19 Apr 2022

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