The Necklace

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i think the show wants us to question if jack and the woman were involved romantically, but i dont see jack abandoning his child or not telling anyone about it.i think the necklace has the Buddhist symbol for "purpose" on it, if you recall he gave it to kevin when he was in the hospital and found out his future as a football star was over.that being said, i have to think that the woman gave it to jack with a similar intention--- to remind him that he has a purpose outside of his current situation. he did say before leaving that his only job was to take care of his brother... if nicky dies, what becomes jacks purpose then?Jack told Kevin that he (and the other kids) were jack's purpose. i think he got the necklace in a similar moment of poignancy, maybe after nicky died and he failed to keep him safe. ( “I got this at a very hopeless time in my life,” Jack said. “Someone very special gave it to me back in Vietnam.”)given the woman with the necklace had a son, maybe her son died, and there was a parallel between she and Jack in regards to her being unable to protect him, just as jack was unable to protect nicky.
Posted 19 Apr 2022

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