TP Link Router not working

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If you can't access the Internet even after installing the router, please read the article below and fix the problem of the TP-Link router not working. Here are 5 solutions that you can use to fix the TP-Link router not working issue.

1) Check your connection

The first logical step for you is to check your Ethernet connection. It should be done by connecting the cable which is connected with the router to an ethernet device directly. It would make the troubleshooting process easier as you would know if you need to focus on the Ethernet connection or the router.

2) If disconnected on Ethernet

If you are also facing the same issues on Ethernet, that means the problem is with your connection and not the router. Here are some things you will need to do in such a case.

3) Check the cable and connector

You will need to make sure that your cable or connector is not damaged at any point. If your cable is worn out, it can cause some connectivity issues by getting hot. A severely bent or stressed cable is also not good and will need to be replaced. Also, make sure your connection is plugged in properly and there is no damage either. This would solve the problem for you most of the time.

4) Contact the Internet Service Provider

If you cannot find a viable reason for this and you are still facing the problem, you will need to contact your ISP and ask them to diagnose the problem for you. Your ISP will not only diagnose but also fix the problem for you.

5) If it works fine on Ethernet

If your connection works fine when directly connecting the ethernet cable to a device. That means the problem lies with your router and you will need to fix it. Here are some things you can do to make it work.
Posted 20 Apr 2022

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