In autumn, girls aged 18-20 should learn these kinds of outfits

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18-20 years old is in the rainy season, which is the best age. Every girl wants to be sweet and lovely, and at the same time, her style is changeable!
Whether it is a casual style or a well-behaved and quiet style, it is up to you
to decide. Look at the look that Xiaobian brings to you, it is very suitable for
girls aged 18-20, and they will look a lot better when you wear the right
Wear a look 1, denim overalls + long-sleeved T-shirt
?Girls are at the age of tricks, and they all want to be beautiful and cute, and college-style denim overalls are the most suitable~ Versatile and full of
youthful atmosphere, I want to be a girl full of vitality in autumn! For the
18-year-old girl Amway, a pair of denim overalls is a little more calm than the
classic dark blue, and even has a little retro flavor. With a long-sleeved
T-shirt, you can get dressed and go out in a minute~ This is the benefit of lazy
cancer girls!
Wear look 2, denim overalls + shirt
? 20-year-old girls can try to wear a little light and familiar style, and they can wear a unique fashion sense! The black-gray denim overalls are a little
more playful and foreign in addition to the casual feeling. With a white shirt,
it is a little more capable and casual, and it is ok with a pair of single shoes
or small white shoes!
Wear look 3, hooded sweater + short skirt
? When it comes to the pick sweater, it is naturally not to be missed! It is very important to choose a sweater that suits you in autumn. Short girls can
choose a short hooded sweater and a high-waisted skirt. It not only looks
girlish, but also improves the waistline, making it easy to wear High visual
effect. Even if it's just a simple solid-color sweater, as long as you choose
the right version, you can wear it with a sense of fashion.
Wear look 4, denim jacket + T-shirt + short skirt
? Personally, I think a denim jacket, a cool item that is not easy to be outdated, is a must-have for every age, especially for girls aged 18-20, a denim
jacket can wear a sense of youth and vitality ! As a versatile little expert,
its plasticity is very powerful. A basic T-shirt inside and a short skirt on the
lower body are enough to highlight the youthful and youthful temperament. A pair
of college-style single shoes + stockings, easy to wear the style of a Japanese
Wear look 5, knitted sweater + floral dress
?Sweet girls, might as well try a knitted sweater + dress. Personally, I feel that the soft and waxy purple knitted cardigan is unique to the fried chicken
niche. The simple cardigan does not have too many designs, but it can wear a
lazy and casual feeling. A floral dress of the same color is worn inside, as if
it has its own fairy spirit, it looks great! The heavy feeling of the knitted
sweater and the elegant feeling of the skirt form a strong contrast, and the
tone is full!
Wear look 6, short knitted sweater + skirt
?When the weather is getting cooler, it is the time to start stocking up on autumn clothes. The softness of knitted sweaters must be the item that baby
fairies yearn for! The yellow knitted cardigan with low saturation has a retro
literary sense. If you are also a more individual girl, you must not miss it!
The short cardigan version is a little loose, the upper body is more casual and
lazy, and it is very good with various small skirts! Choose a more eye-catching
red skirt, so that the overall match breaks the monotony, very nice!Read more
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Posted 26 Apr 2022

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