Which controller should I choose?

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Which controller do you think is better for gaming? Xbox or PlayStation controller? 
I've never played a controller before. 
Posted 28 Apr 2022

Helen564 says
I had two consoles Xbox One S and Playstation 4 Slim. I liked the controller from the Playstation much more because it is more comfortable in the hand. And this is very important when playing games. In addition, I like the layout of the sticks on the ps controller.
So I recommend that you choose the controller ps4. You can look at the full list of controllers with different colors, I bought my extra controller there to play with friends.

Posted 28 Apr 2022

If you have not played previously on the controllers then I recommend playing on both controllers that would understand which one you are more comfortable with. The Playstation controller is more comfortable in small hands. But I prefer the Xbox elite controller.
Posted 30 Apr 2022

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