Five Factors You Need To Consider Before Buying a Watch Online

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Clocks are not only useful if you want to know the time. They are also a coveted accessory that you can accessorize and dress up, and make a statement about your taste, lifestyle and even success.

But how to choose the right watch that meets all these requirements? Especially with such a bewildering option available? To help you, has put together a quick guide to the five factors you need to consider before buying a watch online.

1) How it fits

The size of your wrist is an important factor when choosing a watch. If you have a large wrist, you should consider a watch with a stronger, larger face; small and thin watches can seem too dainty. Similarly, a watch that is too big could look equally out of place.

2) The style

Versatility is key when choosing a watch. Most people go for something minimalist and classic, but some may opt for a newly released device that can do a lot of other things, like track your fitness.

Whatever you choose, make sure it goes with the type of clothing you wear every day and try to choose a neutral colour. Straps are usually replaceable, and you can opt for a suede strap, a leather strap, or a metal chain. For men, pocket watches are back in fashion: "A classic gentleman's accessory," says Dalvey.

3) Value and price retention

Do not consider your watch as a financial investment. Unlike vintage watches or Rado watches India, once you've bought a watch, it's unlikely to increase in value in the future. Instead, think of it like a car: once you pay for it and become the owner, it starts to depreciate.

If you want to buy a more expensive watch and sell it later, check out how much a used watch costs compared to new versions of the same model and brand.

4) Maintenance

When buying a wristwatch, remember that just like a car, it will need maintenance. Some wristwatch brands are more robust and have a better reputation for durability. These will require little maintenance, but may cost more initially.

In this case, it's worth considering whether it's worth paying more up front and saving in the long run for longines watches in India. When it comes to service, just make sure you hire the service of a professional.

5) The watch bracelet

Watches can have different types of watch strap material like omega watches India, ranging from fabric, metal, or ceramic, to plastic or rubber. The choice of the type of strap to choose will depend on your style and where you wear the watch. It's never a bad idea to have different watch straps for emergencies.

Here's a quick rundown of some of the materials:

Leather: This is one of the most common materials for watch straps. It is classic in style and can come in different colours. You can choose real or fake leather, in alligator, cowhide or crocodile.

Plastic: Plastic watch straps are typically found on sports or casual watches and come with features like shock absorption, impact resistance, and moisture resistance. Plastic watch straps generally last longer and are more comfortable.

Rubber: Rubber watch bands are similar to plastic bands. They are durable, comfortable and effective. Sports and diving watches suit rubber watch bands, due to the robust and extensive features.

Stainless Steel – Bands made from stainless steel are typically a combination of chrome and steel. Stainless steel bands are rust resistant, durable and stronger than any other band.

Fabric – Fabric watch straps come in various colours, styles, and patterns. You have the option to choose a specific one or a textile combination for different casual garments.

Posted 04 May 2022

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