How to study Quran online

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How to study Quran online
Learn how to [color=#ff0000]study Quran online [/color]in a simple and organized manner. We also provide lessons to help you memorize the entire Holy Book.
Solving the challenge of studying the Quran by yourself can be a difficult task. This blog gives you tips on how to learn the Quran by yourself in a fun way.
2. How to memorize the Quran?
In a few words, memorizing the Quran is something which is easy for everyone to do. You just need to spend some time and energy to get it done. Most people just sit and learn it with the help of someone. But this method does not work. For example, we may be spending several hours at the training center but if we are not using the right methods to memorize the Quran then it will not work. That is why you need to try out different methods.
Memorizing Quran is the first step in becoming a better Muslim. One can memorize the Quran without even touching it physically. It is possible to memorize the Quran by reading it mentally. In this process one should focus on the following aspects:
  • -Focus on reciting it.
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  • -The number of verses
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  • -Read it for the first time with concentration.
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  • -When reciting the verse you can keep the following in your mind
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  • -Do not skip any word or line.
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  • -Do not make your voice too loud.
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  • -If you see something wrong or incomplete, correct it.
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  • -Don’t use your own judgement or memory to correct it.
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  • -Be humble while reciting it.
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  • -You can use an app that can help you memorize it easily and quickly.
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To memorize Quran is to gain knowledge of Allah. He knows everything about us, and we do not know anything about him. This is the perfect way of knowing Allah. He knows how much you read Quran and he also knows what you do after you read it. So the next time you read a verse of Quran you will remember it and you will repeat it.
3. How to read Quran online?
- it's easy to follow along (Quran in audio)
- you can change the speed if you want
- you can bookmark your favorite verses
- you can add notes for yourself and save them as well
- you can look up any verse from the Holy Book of Allah with ease
- it has a translation for every sentence!
 How to understand Quran?
- Read the verses of the Quran slowly and carefully
- When you read Quran, try to memorize it, if possible
- The best way is to learn from scholars who know it inside out
- Quran is not a book for everyone, it is for those who are serious about their religion
- Learning is the key, not the amount of knowledge
- To understand Quran is not like learning English or French
- The Quranic grammar is very logical and the sentences have an exact meaning
- People who do not study it regularly cannot understand it
- If someone does not study it they will be lost in the jungle of ignorance
- The Arabic language is different from English and French, it has many unique characteristics that must be taken into consideration.
Posted 15 May 2022

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