How To Reset Xfinity Router Through Web Interface?

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Most of the times we reset the router when there is an issue. Either you are not able to connect to the internet or Wi-Fi is not working properly. You can also perform Xfinity reset router process if the settings are misconfigured. You want to change the user name or password. Reset the router and modify the settings.
Let’s have a look at the steps.
Steps to reset Xfinity router:
? Open a web browser in a device connected to the router.
? Type the IP address, in the web browser and click enter.
? Enter the current login credentials of your router.
? Navigate to settings and click on Wi-Fi settings.
? Then, click on advance settings.
? You will see the option of factory reset. Click on that and the router will be
set back to default settings.
Posted 18 May 2022

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