Do Calf Compression Sleeves Really Help?

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Research suggests that most runners use compression sleeves with the aim of improving their performance and post-run recovery, or preventing re-injury. Few runners use them to treat their current injuries.
We’ve summarized these points:
Researchers generally agree that [u]calf sleeves[/u] increases blood flow. With improved blood flow, there is more oxygen in the muscles, and this may promote recovery.
More research needs to be done to find out if calf sleeves can be used to treat calf injuries or improve athletic performance. This means we are unable to say for certain if calf sleeves will help your training and recovery from a calf injury.
At the same time, it’s difficult to ignore the fact that so many runners are using them and feel they make a substantial difference to their running, workouts and recovery.
Posted 25 May 2022

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