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I recently learned that Reddit is a great marketing channel for promoting all kinds of services. I want to try using it in my niche business. But I was told that I need to "promote" the account (upvotes, subscribers, etc.) at least a little beforehand.
Posted 07 Jun 2022

alexpav says
If you've been in internet marketing for a few years and haven't heard of Reddit, look around - you may be living in a cave ;) Don't try to get ahead with a new account that has zero karma. Start commenting on interesting content, and it will come naturally.
Posted 07 Jun 2022

crysmile says
Is Reddit a great marketing channel? No! Reddit is an invaluable marketing channel for finding customers all over the world. Of course, you may have a different opinion, but what I wrote is based on my experience doing business.  I definitely agree that you need some sort of baseline to promote an account (I mean audience, upvotes, likes, and any interactions).  I understand that this can be difficult at the beginning, so I recommend visit the Cloutsy website for the latest promotion.
Posted 07 Jun 2022

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