How to do women's skin care in autumn

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1. Don’t forget to repair keratin and sunscreen
Many beauty-loving girls know that proper exfoliation can get rid of rough and dull skin, but do not exfoliate in autumn. In autumn, the skin is dry and
the skin's moisturizing ability is also reduced. At this time, the skin is
actually very fragile. If you exfoliate at this time, it will have immeasurable
consequences. In autumn, the repair of the stratum corneum should be
strengthened to help the skin return to its best state. Autumn sun protection is
a common topic, but even if the editor has said it thousands of times, there are
still many ladies who don't care about autumn sun protection. Although the
weather is cool and the temperature is not high in autumn, the penetrating power
of ultraviolet rays is strong, which is still very harmful to the skin.
Therefore, autumn skin care and sun protection are a must.
2. Clean the skin
Bathing is a good method of whole body skin care and beauty. When bathing, the general water temperature should be controlled below 37 ?, and the time
should not exceed 20 minutes. If the water temperature is too high, and the time
is too long, it is easy to dissolve the lipids on the skin surface, resulting in
the volatilization of water. If you have oily skin, or if you have been in a
place with serious pollution for a long time, you should increase the number of
cleanings. When cleaning the skin of the face, you should pay attention to the
gentleness, and remember to rub it with a towel if you are rude. You can choose
skin care products with nourishing effect, but be sure to choose the ones with
water control ability.
3. Moisturizing and whitening is the most important
Every autumn, various brands begin to launch skin care products with moisturizing properties. Faced with a dazzling array of skin care products, we
must learn to choose. Do not use greasy creams. Although this cream has a lot of
oil, it cannot replenish the required moisture for the skin. Therefore, although
the face looks oily and shiny, the face is actually dehydrated. The skin has
been tortured for a summer, and a lot of melanin has accumulated in the body,
and these melanin will appear on the skin in autumn. So autumn whitening is a
must. In addition to using professional whitening products, you can massage the
skin in an appropriate amount to promote blood circulation, accelerate the
metabolism of the skin, and expel melanin from the body.
The taboo of moisturizing for women in autumn
1. Avoid using the mask every day
Excessive use of the mask may not necessarily ensure that the skin is supple. If you use a mask that contains alcohol, fruit acid, etc., applying it too often
can irritate the skin and make it fragile.
2. Do not replace facial cleaning products
Autumn and winter are not hot summers, and the face is no longer oily. If you wash your face with cleaning products used in summer, it will make your face dry
and dry, and it will be more likely to cause sensitive symptoms, such as
redness, peeling, itching, etc.
3. Avoid exfoliating every week
While exfoliation can help restore radiance to the skin, exfoliating too frequently (such as more than once a week), or using several exfoliants at the
same time, can make the cuticle thinner and lose its water storage. and the
ability to resist external environmental damage.
What are the fruits for skin care in autumn
1. Eating apples and pomegranates can protect your skin
Apple has the functions of promoting body fluid, moistening the lungs, appetizing, and sobering up. For those with indigestion, it can be taken by
squeezing juice. Apples can also prevent and eliminate fatigue, and the
potassium in apples can combine with excess sodium in the body and make it
excreted. Therefore, when eating too much salt, you can eat apples to help
eliminate it. Pomegranate, sweet and sour in nature, warm in nature, has
insecticidal, astringent, astringent, and antidiarrheal functions.
2, eat mango can skin care
Mango is sweet, sour, cool, and non-toxic. It has the functions of benefiting the stomach, quenching thirst, and diuretic. Mango has good color, aroma and
taste, high nutritional value, and is rich in vitamins and sugar.
3, eating grapes can skin care
Grape seeds are the most effective for skin care. Grape seed has super antioxidant capacity, which is 50 times that of vitamin E. It can delay aging,
maintain skin health, prevent ultraviolet rays from attacking the skin and
prevent arteriosclerosis. It is also known as a skin vitamin. In Europe, grape
seeds are known as "oral skin cosmetics".Read more at:purple formal dresses australia | blue formal dresses australia
Posted 13 Jun 2022

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