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A somewhat confusing but consistent phenomenon in fashion is the arrival of pre-season collections, which debut and deliver between the spring and fall
debuts that anchor the industry's calendar. These have many different names and
release timelines, and no "pre-season" exemplifies that better than resort —
which is also referred to as "pre-spring" or "cruise" or simply "winter," and
lands in stores and online anywhere between October and December.
Resort collections cover everything from vacation wear to party dressing to simply pieces to weather lowering temperatures in. Much like the "main" spring
and summer lines, they're revealed many months before, at the beginning of
summer — for 2023, for instance, they started trickling out the first week of
May, and we may see a few more in the next few weeks. Still, it's an important
opportunity for brands: Some stage elaborate destination runways for these
collections; others have abandoned the spring/fall cadence altogether and opted
to show biannually on the pre-collection schedule.
Though they may represent many different scenarios, time periods and types of dressing, resort collections often share that excitement and energy that comes
with the warmer months and that we desperately want when it's cold out. As such,
we're able to draw out some common threads that'll give us a sense of what we'll
be wearing in the very near future. As for what you might find yourself
gravitating towards this winter, discover the biggest trends from the Resort
2023 collections in the galleries, below.Read more at:adelaide formal dresses | red formal dresses australia
Posted 21 Jun 2022

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