What Is The Magnetic Powder Brake

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The magnetic powder brake is magnetic, ensuring the working operation stability. It has always been used to adjust the stop and loading of the drive speed stop in industrial applications and can control torque tension without other equipment. It is a large power magnetic powder brake that will not cause equipment wear loss.
The magnetic powder brake, also known as magnetic particle brake, is based on the electromagnetic principle, transmitting torque by magnetic particle, which means that the brake operation can be managed and adjusted, to achieve excellent power transmission, no friction and no wear. It has the advantages of fast response speed, simple structure, no pollution, no noise, no impact vibration, energy-saving, etc. It has been widely used in papermaking, printing, plastic, rubber, textile, metallurgy, and other unwinding and winding tension control in coil industries.
The torque is increased. Even if the drive end and the driven end are not fully connected, the torque will rise to the set torque set by the current setting, and then accelerate at a certain torque. This function will greatly match the thermal capacity of the clutch, suitable for buffering start. If the starting current is controlled, the starting torque will also change rapidly. At the same time, due to use of the magnetic powder with advantages of heat-resistant and wear-resistant, the permissible connection power is large, and continuous slip can be used in the allowable continuous slip power range.
Posted 24 Jun 2022

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