Content moderation to protect your brand

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content moderation to protect your brand Did you know that the easiest way to lose credibility for your brand is with a single click or touch of your screen?
Millions of user-generated content (UGC) are posted every hour and every minute of every day.
Posted 27 Jun 2022

toxatyt says
This is one of the most influential factors on the Internet today. Multiple choices of user-generated content carry the risk of damaging your brand in multiple ways. Consequently, online platform owners and social media managers must ensure that every piece of content posted on their platforms does not damage their credibility and online community. Moderation is the process of maintaining your online platform by filtering and monitoring various user-generated content to determine whether or not that content should be posted based on specific guidelines and platform rules. This is your first line of defense when it comes to defending against any type of toxic content that could ruin your brand's reputation.
Posted 27 Jun 2022

jekson says
Determine what kind of people you want to reach-in other words, your target audience.
People in your target audience have characteristics in common. The audience itself can be defined in several ways. Different platforms may attract different types of audiences. For example, some will attract more men than women, while others will attract more adults than young people. Once you've identified your target audience, pay attention to which social media platforms they use.
Posted 28 Jun 2022

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