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Vietnam with advantages of abundant sources of Acacia and Eucalyptus which is a typical tropical hardwood plantation in Vietnam. The characteristics of this core are very strong and popular in Vietnam. The veneer of Acacia and Eucalyptus is dark and the density is higher than many core veneer such as Poplar, Birch, Meranti, Keuring, … Thus that make the film faced plywood sheets strong.To get more news about film faced plywood, you can visit boosterplywood.com official website.
As the abundant source of wood and veneer, film-faced plywood in Vietnam is always made from 100% new material, the veneer using in producing is from 7-14 years plantation forest. Assured that the film-faced plywood buying from Vietnam is also new & fresh 100%.

As in Fomex Group’s factories, the wood logs after being harvested, it will be peeled into thin veneer and put into a drying machine to keep it dry in the veneer factory. The veneer qualified on moisture content will be classified and send to our film-faced plywood factory for production.
3/ Vietnam Film faced plywood is reasonable price but durable
As the source of the material is very abundant like Acacia and Eucalyptus which are very easy to plant in a large forest and it’s suitable with Vietnam Tropical Climate, thus the material cost will make the plywood sheets have a reasonable price.
Vietnam film faced plywood is commonly made from collected veneer, usually veneer grade A and B, In addition, Vietnam film faced plywood is made from pure and high-quality glue that makes the plywood structure bond together strongly, depending on the required quality, the film faced plywood sheets from Vietnam can resistance underwater boiled up to 72 hours and be re-used up to 30 times.
Vietnam film faced plywood is not only exported to many near markets before, such as Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, … Recently, Vietnam Film also faced plywood is exporting to the US, Africa ( Egypt), Middle-East ( UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Barah, Qatar, Oman, …), and Australia.
The above are 5 characteristic of Vietnam film faced plywood that makes it’s good for concrete formwork. Vietnam Film-faced plywood has been coming popular in the world and has been accepted by fastidious customers.
Posted 28 Jun 2022

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