Physical signs of infidelity.

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Physical signs of infidelity. ?If anyone has already experienced this, tell us what physical signs of infidelity your partner has shown.
Posted 29 Jun 2022

Zastavka says
Your partner begins to pay a lot more attention to his appearance... and his underwear, too!One of the most common and obvious physical signs of infidelity is when your partner starts caring much more about his or her appearance. I didn't even come up with this, it's what the article on ? If they are not usually fussy about their clothes or hair, but suddenly it takes them much longer to get ready before going out, it could be a sign that they are trying to impress someone else.
Posted 30 Jun 2022

goalken says
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Posted 30 Jun 2022

lipav58 says
The most basic signs are that your partner is becoming interested in new hobbies and new people. They may not have been as outgoing when you started dating, but their interest in others somehow seems to have increased for no apparent reason.
Posted 30 Jun 2022

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