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Who does yoga, what kind of mat do you have? And where can I buy yoga clothes? Probably better cotton. I'm just lost in the abundance of information about mats. I want some feedback from your practice.
Posted 03 Jul 2022

I have a standard 3mm thick mat. It's soft enough and compact enough to take with me to my studio.
Posted 03 Jul 2022

pixie2 says
Now almost in any yoga center they sell all this stuff, not only mats and clothes, but a lot more. If you are a beginner and are planning to do yoga at home or in the studio, then 3-4 mm thick mat is a good choice. If you are planning to work outdoors, then get a thicker mat - 4.5 mm or thicker, so that you can cover unevenness of the ground and feel comfortable. And the best way is to ask a yoga teacher about a mat - I think he can tell you everything. What about clothing, I would still advise not to buy clothes made of cotton, and to pay attention to modern synthetic fabrics. For example, these shiny leggings black are perfect for yoga.
Posted 05 Jul 2022

Lerot says
Hi there! Thanks for the cool and helpful thread here! As for me, I really like to shop online, and I often use different great online stores. I would also like to recommend that you think about some personalized short sleeve polo shirts or other cool custom stuff. I am pretty sure that you will find it interesting to you too, good luck with it, guys :)
Posted 19 Aug 2022

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