The Debugging Of The Dolomite Powder Machine

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The inspection work before the debugging of the dolomite powder machine is required to be meticulous and keep the equipment in good condition. The details are as follows: the sector block and bearing bush of the lower bearing seat should be aligned with the center line;
The connection between the inlet and outlet hoppers is well sealed. The temperature sensor is installed in the bearing bush, has been electrically debugged, and the sensor head is in good contact with the metal. Make sure that the monitoring equipment is connected well;
The oil pressure gauge, thermometer, accident button, and interlocking device have reliable indications. Prepare the necessary tools in advance: thermometer, vibration meter, listening stick, walkie-talkie, and test run record form.
If there is no abnormality, start the dolomite powder machine to run for 8 hours. During the trial operation, check the heat generation of the dolomite powder machine bearing seal, the lubricating oil temperature and pressure, and the temperature should be controlled between 40-50 °C. If there is any abnormality, stop cooling immediately.
Posted 15 Jul 2022

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