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got people to thinkThe first time I saw him, he was doing dumbbell presses, Viloria said. He grabbed the 120s, and I thought, \'You\'re going to kill yourself, bud.\' He sat down and somebody brought him the dumbbells. That grabbed my attention. In early 2016, the IWGSC announced that they had assembled, using de novo shotgun techniques, a high quality reference sequence of the bread wheat genome. The project was made possible through a collaboration of IPK Gatersleben in Germany, the University of Saskatchewan\'s Crop Development Centre in Canada, Kansas State University, and the Global Institute of Food Security in Canada.[17] This shotgun approach allows the sequencing to be done very quickly, but it can be rather inaccurate as compared to the map based sequence Feuillet used when she sequenced the 3B chromosome. The shotgun approach is approximated to be 94% accurate, while the rest of the chromosome is about 53% accurate using the second approach.[12] This data from the second approach, released in collaboration with the IWGSC, will be used along with the physical map based approach to individual chromosomes, including Feuillet\'s sequencing of 3B, to produce the full genome by 2017.[17].
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