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You awoke in the midst of a forest with just a car nearby, and you can hear the terrifying sounds of an approaching Siren Head in the distance.

The only thing you can do is fix the car and leave as soon as you can, but to do so, you must find three items that are dispersed around the forest and concealed behind closed doors.


Siren Head game Features:

  • Use the map to explore deserted areas.
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  • Use items you find to solve puzzles.
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  • Get lost in the aura of terror.
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  • Stay away from the Siren Head and keep an eye out for other people.
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The Siren Head was followed by other titles, such as horre game as poppy playtimepoppy playtime chapter 2.

Fix: The Siren Head game is fun but sometimes siren head is hard to get rid. But please make the flashlight a bit more bright because it is a little dim and I have a hard time finding the building. But siren head is always somewhere near by.
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As a normal person, I like to have fun with video games. And having tried various games, I can say that the purchased ones are worth the money. Because the developers spend a lot of time and effort to make the perfect game and render the most detailed graphics. Try run 3 and you'll see what I mean.
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