Best August smart lock

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Best August smart lock
While there is nothing wrong with a traditional door lock and single deadbolt system, smart locks offer several advantages and features that will help secure your home while giving you and your loved ones peace of mind. To get more news about bluetooth front door lock, you can visit official website.
If you’re looking to upgrade your traditional door lock system to a smart lock, you can’t go wrong with an August smart lock. With the impressive August Smart Lock Pro +Connect (3rd Gen.) at your disposal, you can protect your home with all the marvels of modern technology without breaking the bank.

What to know before you buy an August smart lock
This may not come as a surprise to anyone who’s planning to integrate their new August smart lock into an existing Smart Home or security system, but there are a few steps you’ll need to take before installing an August smart lock. Not only will your new smart lock need to be wired with either 110 volts or 240 volts for it to work in the first place, you will also need to have a minimum of 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi and an iPhone or Android smartphone to make full use of it. Check out the full buying guide at BestReviews to learn more.
Security technology for homeowners and landlords
Thanks to an increasing number of porch pirates and the usefulness of security technologies like doorbell cameras, having the ability to both monitor and control who comes and goes from your property can be extremely useful. Thanks to August smart locks and their ability to provide 24/7 monitoring, you can keep track of anyone who is coming and going from your property as well as provide access as needed without having to replace your original keys. Furthermore, August smart locks can be incorporated into a wide range of apps for both personal and business use, making them well-suited for property owners of all kinds.
What to look for in a quality August smart lock
Effortless data review and security management from your smartphone
As anyone who has forgotten their keys and accidentally locked themselves out can attest, having the ability to wirelessly lock and unlock your door is much better than having to crawl through a window or needing to contact a locksmith. Thankfully, not only do August smart locks unlock automatically when you approach, they also lock automatically when you leave, so you never have to worry about accidentally leaving your door unlocked again.
Better still, you can control keyless entry, have a complete record of any activity at your door and send digital guest keys directly through the August app. Some models of August smart lock even allow you to link your smartphone’s biometric face recognition or fingerprint scanner for an additional level of security.
Whether you are looking for a security upgrade that blends seamlessly with your existing smart home setup or want to manage access to your rental property with the touch of a button, August smart locks can provide an ideal solution. For example, an Alexa connected smart lock can track overall battery levels and automatically order new ones once a certain threshold is reached. While most models of August smart locks come standard with Alexa integrated, the purchase of an August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge will allow you to connect your August smart lock to additional services and technologies, including Airbnb, Home Away Simplisafe, Google Assistant and many more.
If you happen to be someone who isn’t comfortable leaving home without double and triple checking that your door is secured, August smart locks have the perfect solution. All August smart locks come equipped with DoorSense, which allows you to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your door has been locked and closed securely. Better yet, you can rest assured that in addition to knowing that your door is locked, it is backed up by a robust design that is capable of holding your door shut with 600 pounds of force.
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