A question about a home planetarium

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Have any of you guys experienced buying a home planetarium? I need to know how to properly change the image projection? What exactly does this require?
Posted 20 Aug 2022

meeser says
Yes, I have several home planetariums. I like it a lot. I use it as a night light for each of the rooms. Really great thing that will fit into any interior. As for changing the projection image: there is an option to buy special planetarium discs, which you can choose in the catalog of this online store https://astronomix.info/planetarium-discs.html
Posted 20 Aug 2022

I think it's good that sometimes you spend yourself playing poppy playtime those kinds of games as this serves as stress reliever but if its too much where in you spend much time playing than fulfilling you priorities then its really not a good idea.
Posted 24 Aug 2022

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