Troubleshooting For Kaolin Milling Equipment

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First, pay attention to the pre-tightening degree of special screws under the condition that the screw is well lubricated and has no rubber damage.
The rubber is glued to the back of the gate. It is necessary to ensure that the rubber is firmly bonded and the surface is flat. Install the gate when it is fully dry. The special screws are designed according to the selection and structural dimensions.
After pre-tightening, the natural pre-tightening force between the gate and the U-shaped plate of the tank body should meet the design requirements, and no adjustment should be made unless there are special circumstances, otherwise the pre-tightening is too loose or excessive.
Tightening may lead to running water, and the lifting is not smooth. The above are the common mechanical failures of mechanical kaolin milling equipments. In actual production, attention should be paid to the maintenance and maintenance awareness of the kaolin milling equipment.
Posted 27 Aug 2022

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