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I heard that some companies pay their employees wages in cryptocurrencies, who gets it? Is it safe at all, they just offer me to switch to payment in Ripple, are there any problems with withdrawing money now?
Posted 30 Aug 2022

kmaga says
I work as an outsourcer and get paid in Ripple cryptocurrency, my main job is to help with the software. On average, 2-3 clients pass through me per month, who find my contacts on special forums or through acquaintances. First, we discuss the project, I set the price, the client makes an advance payment, and we start working. I work not alone, but with a team of 6 people. Clients are mostly entrepreneurs or people who want to invest in cryptocurrencies. Therefore, a lot of cryptocurrency passes through me, and TRASTRA
has never had problems to withdraw.
Posted 01 Sep 2022

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