Best torrent site?

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So far, Piarebay is still kicking. I miss my old favorites tho, most have
gone and the rest have turned to registration only sites. Man the good
days of p2p are limited and we should do something about that.
Posted 01 Sep 2022

For me, the best torrent site is torrents. I found this resource a long time ago, where I can download any file that interests me for free. I stopped watching movies and TV series online because I don't have so much time to find a suitable site with free access and without intrusive advertising. There are a lot of such sites on the Internet, so I chose torrent. Downloading movies to your device is much more convenient.
Posted 01 Sep 2022

hanywaj says
The best client, in my opinion, is Flylink DC++
download speed more torrents, because directly from users' computers, although for torrents there is a similar option (DHT mode), but in this case the traffic is not counted in your ranking, because it goes besides the tracker.
Posted 02 Sep 2022

Brandrry says
Torrent sites have been around since 2003. They are all different, just like torrent clients and keygens in terms of ease of use, features, download speed, and especially the server locations. It's only natural that hardcore downloaders would try to find the best torrent site for purposes. As a result, we want to highlight some of the top torrent sites out there today.
Posted 25 Nov 2022

elixirhtc says
There are plenty of torrent websites available over the internet such go for it and do some RND and research for it in the Google ...

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