What smart lock is best suited for renters?

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What smart lock is best suited for renters?
On a recent IoT Podcast episode, we listened to a question from Sean in Australia that he left on our voicemail hotline. Sean recently moved into an apartment down under and wants a smart door lock. Unlike a homeowner, however, Sean can’t change the existing lock on his front door, which limits his options. There are three to consider for renters although, at the present time, it looks like only one of them can be purchased by customers in Australia.To get more news about best smart home company 2022, you can visit securamsys.com official website.
Our pick that’s readily available in many regions would be the new August lock, which retails for $249.99. Sean says that most smart locks that fit over existing locks don’t fit where he lives and without the exact sizing information, we can’t be sure if the new August lock will work for him.August does have a support page listing all of the deadbolt locks that it is compatible with so that page is worth the look for any potential buyer. Stacey recently tested the newest August lock that connects to a Wi-Fi network and was generally impressed.

Unlike August, which is basically a smart deadbolt turning device, the Level Lock takes a different approach. You keep the existing outer lock hardware in place but you install the Level Lock inside the door. It essentially replaces the manual turning mechanism from a current lock, which is why the company calls it an “invisible” smart lock.
The Level Lock is a little less expensive than the August lock at $229 and would be ideal for renters that don’t mind swapping out the innards of their current deadbolt. Unfortunately, this smart lock is only available for purchase in the United States at this time.
A less expensive alternative in the second generation Wyze Lock, which costs $99.99. Like August, the Wyze Lock fits over an existing deadbolt so it’s easy to install and remove. And it uses Wi-Fi as well. However, sales appear limited to the U.S. as well so it’s not an option for Sean. Renters in the U.S. can choose among all three.One other thing worth mentioning: We recommend a keypad for smart locks. This allows you entry if for any reason you don’t have your phone with you to wirelessly unlock the door or if the lock is experiencing any connection issues. None of the locks above come with a keypad in the box, however, August and Wyze do offer optional compatible keypads for $59 and $19.99, respectively.
Posted 05 Sep 2022

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