Overview of American Universities in Spain

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Overview of American Universities in Spain
American universities in Spain are a great option for students who want to pursue higher education in the United States while living abroad. Spain is home to some of these American-affiliated universities, from small liberal arts colleges to large research institutions.To get more news about ????, you can visit jzjy001.com official website.
These schools offer everything from undergraduate degrees to graduate programs, and many of them are accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.
There are two main types of American universities in Spain: those that offer courses taught exclusively in English (American universities/European universities) and those where some courses are taught in English. Some schools offer both kinds of programs, but most focus on one or the other.
The first type of school is often called a satellite campus or branch campus, and it’s usually located near an existing university that offers courses taught predominantly in English.
These satellite campuses offer classes at a lower cost than their mother institutions because they don’t have any administrative costs associated with them. They also attract international students who want to study abroad but don’t know enough Spanish to attend a Spanish university.
The second type of school is often called an independent institution because it usually isn’t affiliated with any other school outside of Spain.
Study in Europe. It’s the best way to experience two worlds at once. Studying abroad lets you immerse yourself in a new culture while still being surrounded by the familiar comforts of home—from food to language, and currency.
Study with the Euro. Unlike other countries that use their own money as legal tender (like UK pounds or Canadian dollars), all EU countries use euros as their official currency. This means that when studying at an American university in Spain, you won’t have to worry about converting any funds into another form of currency.
Study with Spanish language support from experienced native speakers who understand both European dialects and American English.
Without any doubt, Schiller International University is the most popular American university in Spain. The school is originally located in Tampa, Florida, USA; and was named after French philosopher and playwright, Freidrich Schiller. The school has satellite campuses in a few countries aside from America, the most popular being its Madrid campus in Spain.
Schiller International University Madrid Campus is a private university located in Madrid. Founded in 1964, the school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in many fields, including business administration, art history, international relations, education, and more.
Schiller International University Madrid Campus was founded by Dr. Walter Leibreicht originally intending to provide American-style education to Americans living abroad. However, the school now caters to American education to over 1,000 students from various nationalities. Some of its notable alumni include Andy Murray and Usman Dar.
The school now offers more than 70 undergraduate degrees and graduate programs in several fields. Aside from Florida (USA) and Madrid (Spain), the university also has campuses in Paris (France), and Heidelberg (Germany).
Schiller International University Madrid Campus offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduates degrees in many fields that cost a good sum of money.
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