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Can you tell me where I can find discs for planetarium? This is the first time I've encountered it, so I don't know where to find such discs at a reasonable price
Posted 11 Sep 2022

jonsers says
I order discs for planetarium only through the online store. This is not only convenient, but also much cheaper than buying in local stores. Here you can find many different discs for planetarium https://astronomix.info/planetarium-discs.html I personally like how big their selection is. So you can take a look at
Posted 11 Sep 2022

I haven't actually played this game. But based on what I playing play snake , I can see why it's become addicting. A lot of players like the whole last survivor type of game. They enjoy the bragging rights and whatever adrenaline rush you get from playing it with friends and family.
Posted 22 Sep 2022

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