The 7 Risk of untreated Varicose Veins

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Varicose veins troubles millions of people worldwide. This illness harms person wellbeing on both physical comfort and appearance, psychological levels.

Unfortunately, some people are more likely to develop varicose than others. Knowing the risk factors, you can understand better, if you are likely to get varicose veins.

1. Gender

Women are up to 3 times more likely to develop varicose veins than men. The reason is in the differences in hormonal balances between the men and women. Ability of women to give a new life comes with a great impact on their body during the pregnancy. Fluctuations of the estrogen and progesterone hormones, as often happen during pregnancy and menopause, can cause vein walls to weaken.

2. Age

One of the unavoidable factors of varicose is age. With age our vein walls lose their elasticity, weakening and causing them to expand as they work hard to keep returning blood to the heart.

As we get older, this process, combined with the weakening of valves responsible for keeping the blood from spilling back into the vein results in blood pooling in the vein, making them bulge and turn varicose.

Getting varicose veins is more likely starting from your 40s. Although some people are genetically protected from the varicose, most people eventually encompass this problem and require medical care.

3. Profession

Some jobs where a person is required to sit or stand for long hours can also put you at risk of developing varicose veins. When standing, the gravitational pull makes it hard for the blood to circulate back to the heart, straining the vein wall. And when siting, muscles stagnate, weakening blood circulation. 

Unfortunately in today’s working world there are not too many varicose-safe job options.

While it isn’t always possible to switch careers, there are some exercises recommended that standers and sitters can make. And for heavy lifters - compression stockings and good lifting practices come to the rescue.

4. Weight

While age inevitably causes stress on the veins, the weight factor can affect varicose veins too.

The excess weight puts pressure on the veins, making it harder to pump blood back to the heart. Losing access weight can improve the overall physical performance and the blood vessels functionality and potentially prevent varicose veins.

5. Diet

Related to the weight, diet can also contribute to varicose veins. If you frequently consume high in salt or fat and low in fiber food, alcohol, and sugary beverages you might be at higher risk of having varicose veins. That’s because such meals lead to higher water retention, negatively impact blood circulation, disrupting bowel movements, and eventually weakening the veins. 

But these foods are only dangerous in excessive consumption. If you enjoy a glass of wine or splurging on fast food time after time – you are relatively safe. Often intake of fruits and vegetables and vitamin E can help straighten your veins.

6. The medical history

Some of the medical factors, like injuries, predispose to forming blood clots can also cause varicose veins; it compromises it, making it weaker and more susceptible to turning varicose.

7. Exercise regimen

Staying physically active not only help maintain health, but also helps preventing varicose veins. First, it helps you maintain circulation. And second, it keeps your muscles toned and strong, which ensures there’s less space available for veins to expand and become varicose.

Something as simple as yoga, swimming, or walking for 30 minutes a day can keep your veins happy and healthy. 

Now you can understand better how likely you are to develop varicose veins. If you already have first symptoms, it might be time to take some necessary precautions like changing your diet, getting more exercise, or even wearing compression stockings.

And if you think you might already have them, book a consultation with one of the [u]VenoCare[/u] specialists by calling  +971 52 993 6643.

Posted 18 Sep 2022

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