best water-based lubes for friction-free sex

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Water-based lubes are perhaps the most popular sub-category in the burgeoning world of lubricants. If you've already begun your search for the best water-based lube, you clearly know just how important lube is – for both sex and masturbation. It banishes the friction you might feel when being penetrated by a penis, dildo or rabbit vibrator – which in turn mitigates the risk of injury, discomfort and tearing. And intensifies your orgasm. But it can also reduce your chances of getting a UTI (since regular, vigorous sex can result in the bladder becoming inflamed, which in turn, results in infection). You get it. Lube is important. To get more news about ??????, you can visit our official website.

But why water-based? Pitched against oil and silicone-based counterparts, you may be left wondering what water-based lubricants in particular bring to the table. Fret not. Keeping reading for everything you need to know (plus the best water-based lubricants for friction-free play).
First thing's fist: there's no “normal” lube; no right or wrong choice. It's all down to your body and your preference. But according to Hanx, the main difference between water-based lube and “normal” lube is in the ingredients. Water-based lubricants contain xanthan gum or agar agar – which are natural thickeners found in plants – to give the water-based lube its slip-and-slide texture. On the contrary, oil-based lubes would most commonly contain plant-based oils like sweet almond oil, coconut or sunflower seed.

Water-based lubes contain fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients, which is why they're kinder to the body and the most popular type of lube. And why they're used by the NHS when you go for a smear test.
What is water-based lube best for?
Water-based lubes are the most versatile kind of lube out there, perfect for use during partnered penetrative sex and anal sex. They're also the best choice if you're using a silicone sex toy. Silicone lubricants will break silicone sex toys down (a huge waste of money), while water-based lube will be kind to the ?100 LELO vibrator you recently (happily) forked out for.

Water-based lubes are also the best choice if you're using condoms, since they're safe to use with latex. In fact, you should be using water-based lubes with condoms always – since they're less likely to break if you do.
The only major downside to water-based lubes is that they dry out more quickly when exposed to air. This means they're probably not your best bet if you're hoping to use them for masturbation or a hand-job, for instance. They're also not the best choice if you're having sex in water, because they'll wash off really easily.

It's always best to order a few different lubes to find out what works best for you and your body. A different lube for every occasion would certainly not go amiss.
1. Best water-based lube for sensitive skin
Why we love it: Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, this water-based lube is made from 100% natural ingredients – meaning it's free from toxins, preservatives and fragrances. It lasts well, feels refreshing on the skin and looks chic in your bedside cabinet.

2. Best water-based lube for condoms
Why we love it: Compatible with both condoms and silicone sex toys, vibrators and dildos, this discrete bottle of water-based lube feels super silky but is easy to wash off after use. It gives a bit of extra cushioning during solo or partnered play, and is vegan, fragrance-free and paraben free. What's not to love?

Posted 27 Sep 2022

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