How’s the quality of Ikea furniture?

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I’m trying to redo my younger siblings bedroom to help with her depression.
I was considering ikea because it’s affordable and we can make it into a
thing and build the furniture together!
A few things that are on my mind are:
Will Ikea furniture sit right on carpet?
How long has your furniture lasted from them?
Is it good quality and won’t fall over or fall apart?
And is it all made of pressed board, or do they have anything that’s not?
Lastly, does it look and work as good as it appears in the photos?
Sorry for all the questions, i’m on a tight budget but i want to make sure we
can get as good quality of furniture for her as we can for a cheap
price. I want to make sure it will hold up and not fall apart after a
year. I really wanted real opinions from real people so i figured this
was the best place to ask!
Posted 28 Sep 2022

hanywaj says
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Posted 28 Sep 2022

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Posted 28 Sep 2022

Keningro says
Posted 06 Oct 2022

I like high-quality furniture that is made of reliable materials. We recently bought a large closet for our main room and they helped us with a custom design as we wanted some pretty unusual design ideas. It's good that my friend advised us to read the reviews on because it was there that I learned a lot of useful things about how people choose furniture and what should be paid attention to in the first place.
Posted 17 Feb 2023

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Posted 29 Mar 2023

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Posted 13 Apr 2023

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