Metamask sign in : Create an additional MetaMask account in MetaMask wallet

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In the Crypto kingdom, MetaMask has a crown. You all may be curious to know- WHY SO?
Well! Obviously for a reason and actually not for a single reason, but multiple reasons. Let’s have an overview shortly.  
As I said, MetaMask has multiple amazing features, so let’s discuss some that are on the tip of my tongue such as its pretty much user-friendly interface- Newcomers can also begin their journey with it easily. Additionally, it has a top-notch security level- No matter how many digital assets you have dumped in it, they will be secured. 
MetaMask has a lot more features like this which you can access after MetaMask sign in but we can’t discuss all of them as it is not the point of discussion of this blog. So, coming to our high point without getting distracted anymore- How to create additional accounts in the MetaMask wallet extension?
Comprehensive guide to creating an additional MetaMask accountLet’s dive into the step-by-step guide to setting up a second account on the MetaMask wallet through the browser extension. 
  1. To begin this procedure, the first thing you have to do is the MetaMask sign in.
  2. [/*]
  3. After this, navigate to the circular icon which is present at the top of your screen for profile indication. 
  4. [/*]
  5. You will see a “Create Account” option enlisted there. 
  6. [/*]
  7. Now, choose a unique username for your account that is easy to remember.
  8. [/*]
  9. Click a blue button named “Create” to proceed further.
  10. [/*]
Wasn’t it an easy procedure? Definitely Yes! It’s a cakewalk for you if you are a regular crypto trader and a beginner also can perform this quite easily following the given guidance.
You may ask- “What if you are using MetaMask on mobile?” can you add an account to MetaMask  by using the same procedure or it is different for mobile applications?
Well, to answer these queries, I will prefer to say that it’s not exactly the same as the given procedure but quite similar. If you have understood the above process well then there is no doubt that you can create an account using a mobile device as well without getting into any trouble with the help of the given guidance.  
ConclusionTo sum up, I want to bring it to your notice that you can’t perform this procedure of adding a MetaMask account to the MetaMask wallet without MetaMask Sign in. You can add multiple accounts in the same MetaMask wallet and can restore all by using the same secret recovery phrase. 
Hopefully, you have created additional accounts in your MetaMask wallet successfully. If you want to perform the action later, you can bookmark this blog post for your future reference. Good Luck with Your Crypto Journey!!
Posted 30 Sep 2022

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