Black Line showing up on Video Border

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A black line shows up on the border of my video. Sometimes it
disappears. Sometimes it appears or reappears on either side of the
video depending on mobile, ipad, or computer format. How do I fix this? I
exported the video from iMovie at 1920 x 1080p. And then upload it to
Wistia. Then linked it to my website. Not sure why its doing this.
Posted 30 Sep 2022

Posted 30 Sep 2022

Hi. I have had the same problem while working with different kinds of videos, and I have been struggling to find the answer to this question for weeks. Basically, what worked for me was changing the screen recording app. Now I use What I like about it is that now I can easily screencast, record without any lines or other problems, and even use other useful tools such as drawing on videos or recording audio. Setting the right parameters is the key. You can also try this method, and maybe it will help you get rid of that problem.
Posted 30 Sep 2022

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