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Lahore, Pakistan

congratulations frankenstein

on your
3000 post


Posted 09 Mar 2006

~CHANDNI~ says
kiya kiya   rolla nay
abb kahan rolla dall raha
oh 3000

weldone rolla
keepit up or dalo rolla
Posted 09 Mar 2006

Ayesha says
yah topic main nay banana tha

koi baat nahi

welldone Franky

lagay raho
oye laikin tum ghayab kahan ho?

polio walay mission main busy ho i guess

chel koi baat nahi ...come back soon

Posted 09 Mar 2006

cutefriend says
congratzzz jeee congratzzzz
Posted 09 Mar 2006

yo frankyyyyyyyy congrats on your 3000 posts
Posted 09 Mar 2006

There are 9861 members on this forum...lolz
and only 5 came to greet me..damn i pppopular

thankyou all..but this aint a pleasure for me...this is not a milestone rather its another stone and mile in my way of findin glory..
well thankyou victoria uve always been good to me..sabz chandni.. you for being so unkindd

thanks and regards
Posted 10 Mar 2006

Ashii says

na na naaa nerrrrr
abhi to bohot kam posts hein
oay oay
Posted 10 Mar 2006

Mishall says
Congrats Franky
Posted 10 Mar 2006

congrats waqas
keep it up
well done
Posted 10 Mar 2006

Bazigaar says
Posted 10 Mar 2006

Franky shabash jab mere 3000 hui thee to mere mangnee ho gayee thee
Posted 11 Mar 2006

meri nhi hui
iam well over 3000

haha my liege !
abhi tu mera graduation nhi hua
mangni ka tu no chance
Posted 11 Mar 2006

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