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It’s not often that your own wedding celebration kicks off with a cover photoshoot, but that was exactly the case for Nikki Bella, who married Artem Chigvintsev on August 26, 2022, just three weeks after spending the day on set with Brides. “The shoot came at the perfect time. It felt like a celebration of being a bride,” the former WWE champion and television personality says. “I had just had my bridal shower, I came out with you guys, I started my bachelorette party the next day, and then I went to Paris and got married. So you were all a part of my three week celebration.”To get more news about japanese shemale site, you can visit our official website.
The couple’s three week-long celebration culminated with a wedding in Paris, France, a last-minute pivot the couple made when their original plans of a ceremony and reception near their home in California’s Napa Valley fell through. “Artem and I went to Paris on a secret vacation when we were first dating and didn't want the world to know we were a couple yet. After that, we always said, ‘Run away to Paris with me.’ It's always held a special place in our hearts, and when Napa wasn't working out, we were like, ‘We just need to run away to Paris. Let’s make it work.’ It was literally a fairy-tale ending.”
That fairy-tale wedding, which will be documented in a four-part series—Nikki Bella Says I Do will air on E! in early 2023—included four (yes, four) outfit changes. “The cool thing about being a bride is the fashion journey you get to go on,” Nikki says. “This is your time to shine and be a star. Sometimes I feel like some people are scared to express themselves in fashion, so they hold back in real life. When it's your wedding, it's time to be fearless.”
“Fearless” also just so happens to be the perfect way to describe Nikki, both as a bride and in her everyday life. After spending the bulk of her 20s and early 30s in the ring as a WWE wrestler, in 2021, Nikki—along with her twin sister Brie, and winemaker Ryan Hill—launched Bonita Bonita, a private label with the Hill Family Estate that had been a work in progress for years. The preparation for and the launch of that venture also came during a time of major change in Nikki’s personal life. In 2018, she ended a six-year-long relationship and called off her wedding; the next year, she began a relationship with her now-husband, Artem, then got engaged and welcomed the couple’s first child, Matteo, a year later. “It's crazy for me to look back on the journey that brought me here. I never knew if I would make it down the aisle, but what I realized was that I just needed to be at this point in my life,” Nikki says. “That is what makes me a wife, and a good wife. I’m finally ready for that.”
Her wedding day—and what she’d look like as a bride—is something that Nikki admits she’s been thinking about for as long as she can remember, so defining her bridal style was a process that, quite literally, began in childhood. “My Nana has a wall of family wedding photos in her house, and I would always go and look at my great grandmothers’ wedding dresses,” Nikki remembers. “There was just something so iconic and timeless about their gowns. I always knew that, on my wedding day, I wanted to wear something that would leave my grandkids staring at pictures of me thinking that they’d want to wear it at any age, too.”
That doesn’t mean Nikki’s style remained static, though. Over the years, her sartorial preferences—much like her personal life—evolved. A self-proclaimed “Parisian at heart,” Nikki says that the looks she gravitates towards have always been inspired by the City of Love in some way, but admits that her younger self was drawn to sexier silhouettes. “Growing up, my Nana always taught my sister and I that there’s power in being an elegant woman. We've gone in different directions at times,” she laughs, “but something I always wanted to bring into my bridal outfits was elegance.”
Posted 16 Nov 2022

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