What Is Malicious Software and How To Remove it?

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Precautions one must follow to Prevent From Malicious Software
Go through the points below in order to know how to remove this malicious software from your system.
  1. Download Music or pictures from a reliable website only. Maybe you have to pay for this but this will be good for your system.
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  3. If your system doesn’t have anti-malware or antivirus then install it immediately.
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  5. Update the antivirus in your system after a certain interval of time. By this, you will get to know if the antivirus is working perfectly or not.
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  7. Keep your important data secure through a password so that it can’t be stolen or hacked anyway. The password that you have set must contain numeric & alphabets.
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  9. Install a firewall on your computer. A firewall acts as a security wall between a computer and the internet. Always keep it On.
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Posted 25 Nov 2022

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