Khuda Kay Liyay - Photos from the set

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Pakistan, Pakistan

Shoaib Mansoor looking at the shots.

Behind the scenes - Courtesey of Kamijee

Epic “In the Name of God” wraps Chicago shoot, moves to filmmaker Mansoor’s native Pakistan

Acclaimed Pakistani TV and music video director and composer Shoaib Mansoor completed the two-week Chicago leg of his social-religious epic “Khuda Key Liya” (“In the Name of God”). It also shoots in Pakistan and England.

“Shoaib’s mission is to show the world that all people are not as extreme as they are perceived to be,” said line producer Leigh Jones.

“He wants Americans to see that all Muslims are not extreme terrorists, and he wants Pakistanis to see that most Americans are not these petulant children.”

Pakistani pop stars Shaan and Fawad star as musician brothers from a moderate Muslim family whose paths diverge when Shaan comes to Chicago to study music and Fawad is lured into an extremist group.

Shaan’s character falls in love with and marries an American musician played by local Austin Fayre. After 9/11, Shaan’s character is detained indefinitely by the U.S. government for association with his brother.

“In the Name of God” also stars Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah (“Monsoon Wedding”) and Angela Williams of Britain.

A Pakistani national film award winner and top-rated TV director, Mansoor financed through his Lahore, Pakistan-based Shoman Productions.

Chicago native Ken Seng (“A League of Ordinary Gentleman”) shot on 35mm anamorphic on Mansoor’s own camera. Seng took over for David LeMay who shot the British sequences.

“Ken may shoot the rest of the film in Pakistan,” where the shoot will continue for six more weeks, Jones said.

Mansoor is posting in India, then “I’m almost positive it will get a theatrical release in Pakistan,” Jones said. “I’m going to help him with a festival strategy in the U.S.”

Local crew includes art director David Christopher Krause, UPM Amy Rising and AD Jennifer Gerber (who all worked on Paula Froehle’s “Up on the Rope”), costumer Emma Potter and gaffers Ron Forsythe and Kuba Zelazek. —Ed M. Koziarski

Posted 21 Mar 2006

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