I'll be examining the new gameplay features included in FIFA 23

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The sprint buttons. Many of the recent deflections that come via the extended leg or foot can only be observed through replays FUT 23 Coins. In the few replays I've seen these shots particularly the power variant will cause some painful injuries. Deflections and 50-50s still favor the AI particularly when you get used to the new body types and what they mean in terms of acceleration.
HyperMotion as well as realistic physics don't make sense. There's still a lot of sliding and unnatural motions that take away from what could be realistic outcomes. Sliders like OS Community Sliders help to slow the game and make the game more realistic, but they're only able to do what they can in terms of physics.
In today's deep dive I'll be examining the new gameplay features included in FIFA 23 to give my impressions on which ones are affecting the game, what kind of influence (negative either positive or negative) they can have, and if there's the potential to improve. For the list of new features, let's refer to the EA FIFA 23 site. For rating FIFA 23 the game, we'll apply a simple 1-5 ranking with 5 being a "great improvement" and 1 being "why did EA even bother adding this?" If you want to read my analysis of FIFA 23 and its features, you can visit this site.
Today's first topic is the revolutionary Power Shot. The Power Shot is a shot that relies heavily on your skill and includes an opportunity for risk and reward that lets shoot powerfully at the opponent's goal.How to perform the Power Shot: L1/LB1/ RB/R1 and shoot while manually aiming
When to use Power Shots Due to the animation taking a considerable amount of time to play out Power shots should only be utilized when you have the time for the command buy FIFA 23 Coins. In general, any power shot made near the 18-yard mark will be stopped if the path isn't well-defined as the trajectory typically is more flat when compared to high-end shots.
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Jim78 says
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