Ragdoll kittens for sale near me

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We have over 20 years experience in breedingRagdoll Kittens. We have been breeding the highest quality kittens for 5
generations. We are more than just a breeder; we are trainers, handlers and
animal advocates. Your Ragdoll kittens will go home with correct and versatile
socialization to the world around them, and will make an easy transition into
your home to become a wonderful forever companion and family member.
The Ragdoll is a large, impressive and luxuriantly coated cat breed.Underneath an impressive silky, dense and semi-long to long haired coat, there
is a long, muscular cat with a broad chest, short neck and sturdy legs. The
tail is long and bushy, and the coat will in the adult cat, form fluffy
trousers on the hind-legs and a majestic ruff around the neck and throat.
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Posted 07 Jan 2023

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