How to scribe a kitchen plinth the easy way

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So on the weekend I decided it was time to fit the plinths in my kitchen – after enough nagging from the wife Since my tiles are a little uneven (own goal I laid those too) I decided rather than bolt a line of sealant to hide it all in, that it was a great opportunity to show you how to scribe a kitchen plinth the easy way. You might just have an uneven or wonky floor, in which case that will help you too. I probably went over the top following the barest contours of the tiles but oh well. It serves as a very good example for this article:Get more news about Kitchen Aluminium Plinth,you can vist our website!

That really is all there is to it but I’ve included pictures and expanded on these so that you’ve got a decent chance of understanding, seeing it in action and avoiding potential mistakes. All right, let’s crack on:

1. Cut your kitchen plinth to length
This is the easy bit. I use my cross cut on my mitre saw stand. Nothing stopping you use a handsaw for this. Mark up and measure – use a bit of masking tape to mark your cut point. This makes seeing it easier and will also reduce any tearing on the cut. Talking about the rough edges from the cut, go steady with your saw and gently cut, this will reduce any tear or rough edges.

2. Masking tape the lower edge you want to scribe
Run masking tape the length of the edge you are scribing. This is quite simply to mark with a pencil on the next step. There’s nothing fancy going on here – I use a low tack masking tape but not really a big deal whatever tap you use. Here’s a look at that:
3. Offer in your kitchen plinth at an angle
Because you’re scribing it’s not quite as simple as measuring the height of the plinth and ripping it down with your circular saw. That may need to come after depending on how well you setup for your 150mm plinth. But because of the scribe you know you’ve left yourself less than 150mm – you also know you can afford to scribe off your uneven floor and not leave a gap at the top

Posted 07 Jan 2023

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