Annoying letters from Uber.

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Guys, help me, please. For the second week now, I've been getting a lot of emails about creating an Uber account. I've never even tried to create an Uber account, and I'm scared that someone might have access to my email. Who knows how to stop this? I'm sick of it, and I don't want anyone else using my email.
Posted 09 Jan 2023

I analyzed your post, and some questions remain unanswered.
The first question for you: did you give someone else access to your email? Does someone else have access to your email? If no one has access, then almost all the risks fall away. If someone else has access, then there is a risk that someone will create a fraudulent account in the Uber app. The best outcome in such a case would be if the scammers only stop at Uber. If someone does have access to your mail, or if you have accidentally confirmed the creation of an account, you should ask for help with fraudulent Uber account deletion. This service will be able to help you solve all your questions, at least on this subject.
Posted 09 Jan 2023

Qushmiyne says
Thank you so much! It is true that several people did have access to my account. I think one of them used my email by mistake when trying to log into Uber, but I already deactivated my Uber account with that email. Called the people who had access to the account and told them about it. Won't bother me again.
Posted 09 Jan 2023

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