What are the benefits of purchasing a long-life oil filter?

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The most obvious advantage of the long-acting oil filter is its long service life. The filter will provide maximum filtration for a long time. For example, the design life of the Premium Guard long-acting filter is 16000 km. This is very effective for the latest model vehicles with long oil change intervals. Vehicles using synthetic engine oil will also benefit from advanced protective filters that extend their service life.
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Because of their longer design life, oil filters with longer service life are more durable. The traditional oil filter is made of cellulose. In contrast, the long-acting advanced protective oil filter is made of synthetic resin medium, with an efficiency of 98%. Their structure is designed to withstand high flow and high pressure, which is 10% higher than the capacity of some OEM filters. Enter the Premhium Guard Ex series filter with extended service life, and you will get the silicone gasket and silicone drainage backflow valve. Both design elements are manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures and extend their service life.
Save money. In the long run, filters with extended service life can save you money. Conventional oil filters should not be used on vehicles with long oil change time. Many traditional automotive oil filters are only designed for 5000 miles of use. Therefore, in order to protect your vehicle, you must change the oil filter between services or change the oil more frequently. Both options are more expensive than simply buying a long-term oil filter.
Save time. Whether you do it yourself or in the workshop, it takes time to change the oil. Using synthetic oil and long-acting oil filter can make you spend more time between oil changes. This means less time to enter your car, change the oil and dirty yourself. Or he spends less time in the repair shop, reading old magazines and drinking stale coffee.
How to select a long-term oil filter

How to select a long-acting oil filter is not the same for all long-acting oil filters. In fact, some are just traditional filters hidden under the extended service life label.

High-quality long-life filters are usually more expensive than ordinary filters. It will also have a more durable structure, and its details must appear on the box or manufacturer's website. Long-life filters usually have a synthetic medium that can capture smaller particles. The life of the filter will also appear on the box or website. The filter with extended service life shall last up to 16000 km.

Posted 14 Jan 2023

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