Escort service Birmingham UK- Guide to Female Escorts.

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Escort service Birmingham UK- Guide to Female Escorts.
Features of casting models in the escort service.
Many girls dream of getting a high-paying job accompanying wealthy men during their release. Private agencies specializing in the organization of such meetings help the charmers in this. To get a place in the escort, each candidate undergoes a thorough selection, during which her external data, education, intelligence, sociability, ability to behave in society are evaluated.
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Preparation for casting.
Escort agencies are quite strict when choosing employees: at an interview, every girl should be able to behave and look flawless, because men pay a lot of money to go out with a beautiful lady, to show off to their partners a "precious find".
If the charmer decided to work in the field of escort services, she should immediately understand for herself — a bad mood and well-being should not affect the work in any way. Of course, everyone can get sick and in such a case the agency will always go to a meeting. But if refusals to accompany begin to acquire a regular character, the escort girl will lose her job. The bosses have no reason to refuse clients the chosen model just because, in her opinion, today is "an unsuitable day" for an escort.
When preparing for casting, you should pay attention to your appearance. It is better to stick to brief tips:
appropriate makeup;
absence of extended nails and false eyelashes;
lack of facial plastic surgery;
it is not necessary to visit a solarium or other chemical procedures before an interview.
In most cases, escort agency clients prefer natural beauty. No man wants to attend a social event with a lady who does not have a single natural area on her face. If a girl periodically pricks hyaluronic acid, makes botox injections in the forehead or under the eyes – all this is immediately noticeable. At the selection, such ladies are unlikely to be given preference. If the day before it was decided to visit a beauty salon to perform a chemical peeling, or to give an injection of vitamins, it is better to abandon this idea.
This also includes the absence of extended nails of unnatural length. Such nails immediately catch the eye – it is better to give up such a manicure for a while. Artificial fluffy eyelashes are suitable for many girls, but they are likely to be superfluous at the casting. You can lightly touch up and pluck your eyebrows to achieve their natural shape. As for makeup, a discreet one will do, for example, in nude shades. Using bright red, pink, green and blue shadows is not undesirable.
Clothing style: which girls are taken to an escort agency?
In order to avoid surprises during further cooperation with the agency, you need to dress for the casting as the girl plans to go to work. The priority is strict, but stylish dresses, perhaps from famous couturiers. An important point: do not expose a large area of the body. The purpose of the interview is not to show their forms, but to demonstrate how a woman knows how to behave in society, dress.
Clothing preferences:
form-fitting dresses that emphasize the silhouette;
not flashy colors, no acid color in the suit;
a skirt and blouse are allowed;
high quality clothing.
You can put bracelets, a pendant or beads on your neck and hands. Everything should be moderate and taste should be traced in every detail. An escort agency will not explain every time what exactly a girl should wear to the exit, so she herself must understand the specifics of the work. Preference is given to sexuality, but not vulgarity. A good example is a figure–hugging black knee-length dress, classic high-heeled pumps, closed or open shoulders, a clutch, a pearl necklace. The hairstyle can be any, but it should be neat. Well-matched up hair, decorated with a miniature hairpin. Loose hair, twisted into curls, will also be liked at the interview.

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