Which is the Best 4c Kinky Curly Wig

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We can easily find 4c Edges Wig control gels that keep hair moist, soft, and manageable for an easy sleek ponytail or smooth hairline.

But who would say no to a black hair Kinky Edges Wig? This wig requires us not to do pre-plucking treatment, nor to spend time and effort to find the most suitable gel to treat it to get the most natural and realistic effect. The 100% hand-woven hairline part is not only soft and comfortable but also presents the most realistic effect at any time.

Improper material:
For some 4c Kinky Curly Wig, their raw materials are all chemistry components, which give wigs shiny glossy but leave out no air for scalp breath. Unlike human hair wigs having the similar texture and density to yours, synthetic wigs create enclosure space covering hair roots and follicles, smelly odor and sweat exude.

Glue-in installation:
Various installation methods includes sewing in, clipping in, taping in and glue-in. And these types of methods can be combined with in wigs wearing. If you would like to try full lace wigs, you can attach the wig by clips then glue your Curly Baby Hair Wig. Clips help you fix hair in place, but for some women who want to make sure the safety of wigs and pursuit natural looking, apply glue on the transparent lace then adhere it onto your head seems a good option.

Hair friction
Hair friction seems inevitable in everyday life. Whether you are wearing a wig or not, hair friction must happen. But too much hair friction caused by trying on wigs frequently, adjusting headbands wigs, tough hats or heat styling could be avoided.

Tight hairstyles
Sew in braids are popular nowadays as they hold wigs against the head tightly and have the same function of hair toppers that add your hair volume. On the one side, hairstyles like knots, buns, and braids last a long time and provide great convenience for wigs wearing. On the other hand, long lifespan and tough care of hair treatment become the big carrier to hair edges maintenance.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit alipopwigs.com

Posted 04 Feb 2023

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