How to Make a 4c Edges Wig Look Natural

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[u]Type 4 Hairline Wig[/u] is kinky or coily in texture and is commonly described as afro-textured hair. This hair type and curl pattern is distinct and can experience shrinkage of up to 90 percent. Afro hair extensions and textures feature some of the tightest and most distinctive curl patterns on earth. The curls categorized as type 4 hair are similar in nature, however, they do have some noticeable differences in terms of curl pattern and texture.

For example, type 4A hair is commonly referred to as coily or kinky. This hair has a definite curl pattern and sees up to 70 percent of shrinkage. Type 4B hair, while very similar to 4A hair, doesn’t form defined curls, but rather has an “s” or zig-zag pattern to it. The last category of type 4 hair is [u]4c Edges Wig[/u], which has no defined curl pattern at all. This hair type is best described as kinky and sees the most hair shrinkage with up to 90 percent.

While hair typing is sometimes seen as unnecessary, if you’re looking for a wig that mimics your natural hair type the best, it is important to know which type of curl pattern you have as well as which curl pattern you want in your [u]4c Edges Lace Wig[/u].

Wigs and hair extensions have always been a fashion item near and dear to Black women's hearts. Whether we wear them as a statement or a safety blanket, they always come through for us. One thing I've found frustrating about wigs, though, is the lack of variety when it comes to texture. Sure there are straight, wavy, and curly wigs in all lengths and colours, but what about the kinkier textures?

I remember the struggle my Mom went through a few years ago to find a wig that matched her 4C curl pattern. Everywhere she went, the only afro-textured wigs she could find were for costume. Despite scouring local stores and even going online (an impressive feat for her, back then!), she was only able to find one wig that would suffice -- and it was more of a 4A curl type.

Even after she trimmed and coloured it the wig simply didn't suit her. Luckily, times have changed. Manufacturers are now creating wigs and extension hair with tight coils, zig-zag kinks, and even braids! If you're looking for a realistic wig or set of extensions that will match your curl pattern, check out these options below.

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Posted 13 Feb 2023

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