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RICHARD MILLE who loves women

At the turn of the millennium, RICHARD MILLE was born, breaking the dullness of the traditional Perfect Replica Watches field and bringing too many surprises and surprises. But at the beginning, we thought that RICHARD MILLE was specially designed for men. It has a unique and tough appearance, complex and sophisticated mechanical structure, with breakthrough and experimental material use, aiming to create a first-class watch on the wrist. equation.

But we got it wrong, the world of RICHARD MILLE has not ignored women's desire, it just needs time to brew. Five years after the establishment of the brand, the brand's first ladies' watch made its debut, making female consumers exclaim that all the waiting was worth it. After that, exquisite and elegant women's watches appeared one after another, praising the beauty, elegance and strength of women. This has also attracted many outstanding women to join the big family of RICHARD MILLE and become close friends of the brand. They are professional drivers on the speed track, top "masters" in the green swing, track and field champions who constantly surpass themselves, and their skills. A vigorous international superstar is a leaping knight on the equestrian field...

RM 037 watch, equipped with the brand's first self-made movement CRMA1
Why is it favored by so many women? Because RICHARD MILLE's women's watch has never been a vassal of men's watch-reducing the size, inlaid with some diamond colored treasures, and adding a brightly colored strap, it should become a women's watch. RICHARD MILLE's women's watches have been so distinctive and unique since the first day they came out, never succumbing to the positioning of supporting roles or vases, not only to compete with the brand's men's watches, but also to stand out from the many Stand out among the obscure women's swiss luxury watches.

Is this a flattery? Obviously not, let's give a few clear examples.
The RM 07-01 ladies watch is equipped with the brand's second self-made movement
In 2012, the brand launched its first in-house movement CRMA1, a self-winding movement with a central hour and minute hand, a large date display and a function selector, which is configured in the RM 037 ladies watch. If the first movement is made for ladies' watches, then the next second self-made movement should belong to men's watches! The result is not. The brand’s second self-made movement CRMA2 launched in 2014 is still configured in the RM 07-01 ladies’ watch. Forget it, then Richard Mille, who has always been the main tourbillon, should be the turn of the men's watch for the first tourbillon movement of the brand itself! The result was unexpected. In 2018, when the brand launched the first hollow tourbillon self-caliber CRMT1, it was still equipped on the ladies watch RM 71-01.

RM 71-01 self-winding tourbillon watch
Equipped with the brand's first independent tourbillon movement
At this point, no one should doubt Richard Mille's sincerity and courage in the field of women's watches. In particular, these women's watches and movements have inherited the orthodox genes of RICHARD MILLE, and will never lower the standard just because the size of the women's watch is relatively small - it has an ergonomic barrel-shaped case shape, and Assembled with five-grade titanium alloy spline screws; without a dial, the movement full of geometric beauty is directly exposed to the viewer; in addition to being made of precious metals, RICHARD MILLE is proud of titanium alloy, colored ceramics, sapphire crystal, Carbon TPT ® carbon fiber and Quartz TPT® quartz carbon fiber, also show their elegance on women's wrists.Richard Mille RM011 Felipe Massa

Why does RICHARD MILLE attach so much importance to women's watches? Cécile Guenat, the brand's creative and development director, has to be mentioned.
RM 07-01 Intergalactic galaxy watch
These four watches made of Carbon TPT® carbon fiber are inlaid with diamonds and red gold studs to interpret the magnificent scene of the Big Bang. Cécile Guenat said: "It all started with the vision of stars exploding in the dark, and we wanted to rethink our gem-setting process to bring the various elements together in a powerful way."

Very whimsical, and the result is quite successful. The four watches each present different visual effects: the extraordinarily shining gold prongs of the Dark Night watch seem to herald the birth of countless stars; with the Carbon TPT® carbon fiber strap The Starry Night and the Bright Night models with a middle case made of micro-blasted 5N red gold. The night watch outlines the warm light shining on the sky.

I often say that creativity can be as powerful and unconstrained as possible, but to implement the idea, it depends on solid technology. You must know that carbon fiber is extremely hard. To inlay diamonds and metals on such a tough material, it is necessary to use a CNC machine tool with a diamond drill bit to process the drill holes for installing the claws, which is quite difficult. I used to hear many brands brag about how difficult and powerful it is to set diamonds on rubber, ceramics, carbon fiber, and sapphire crystals. I would think, why is it so troublesome? Why do you have to combine these different materials? But seeing the RM 07-01 Intergalactic galaxy watch, I still feel that the combination is very successful. The irregular corrugated luster of Carbon TPT® carbon fiber black matte is set against the warm red gold and crystal diamonds. Special and beautiful.Jacob & Co. ASTRONOMIA ART DRAGON

Swipe left to enjoy the RM 07-01 Intergalactic galaxy watch——
Bright night, dark night, foggy night, starry night
As the brand's classic women's watch, RM 07-01 has the simplest hour and minute indication function, and its case is also the most delicate among the brand's barrel-shaped models. But because of its simplicity, it has become a best-selling and long-selling style, and the brand has also created various distortions for it-materials include precious metals, ceramics, carbon fiber, and sapphire crystal; straps have rubber, carbon fiber, and gold chains; Coupled with all kinds of diamond inlays and various colors, it has become a family with extremely rich choices.

Although the function is simple, the technology is absolutely unambiguous. Many exclusive patents of the brand can be seen on RM 07-01. It is equipped with a hollow self-winding CRMA2 self-caliber specially designed for RM 07-01, with a power reserve of 50 hours. The automatic winding system is equipped with ceramic ball bearings, and the variable geometry automatic oscillating weight can adjust the winding strength of the mainspring according to the wearer's habits.

The automatic oscillating weight can adjust the winding strength of the mainspring according to the wearer's habits.2023 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Moving forward from RM 07-01, let's take a look at RM 037, which is the watch model equipped with the brand's first self-made movement CRMA1 mentioned above. In addition to the central hour and minute hands, there is an extra large date display at 12 o'clock on the dial, and a function indicator at 3 o'clock, which are adjusted by the buttons at 11 o'clock and 4 o'clock on the case.

Explain the function indicator. The crown of a watch sometimes has several gears. Remember which gear is for winding, which gear is for adjusting the time or date, and which gear is for adjusting the time in the first time zone or the second time zone... It’s quite troublesome of. The solution that RICHARD MILLE thought of is like the gear lever of a car. As long as the crown is pulled out, the function indicator can display the current mode. W stands for winding, D stands for date setting, and H stands for time setting. , is really a thoughtful design.
Using Gold Carbon TPT® gold carbon fiber composite material

The RM 037 watch created by
Similarly, over the years, the brand has brought different materials, colors, straps, inlaid decorations and other options to the RM 037 watch. Let’s pay special attention to the style with the gold chain, because this gold chain is specially designed for women by the brand. developed and released in 2014, and in 2015, the Open Link chain belt was launched.replica watches for sale

The time and energy invested in designing this chain strap far exceeds the conception of the entire movement and case. Mr. Richard Mille even said that the development process almost drove him crazy! In order to wear comfortably and make the watch chain like a second layer of skin, all the details of the functional design have been devoted to it, never sloppy. He said: "The human body is full of delicate curves everywhere. I hope that the shape of the women's watch case can also be perfectly ironed with such lines through the small details."
The extremely elegant chain strap is specially designed for women's watches

Comfort, naturally includes many considerations for lightness, flexibility, and hypoallergenicity. In addition, in order to visually highlight the perfect fusion of the case and the chain, the integration between the chain and the case is very important. The chain belt is composed of dozens of links. The production process requires up to 65 hours of programming and planning, followed by several hours of processing. Then, each chain link will be micro-sandblasted, brushed and polished, and mirror-polished. After forming the chain belt, it will be hand-crafted for overall precision modification. Such extremely elegant and exquisite chain belts are only provided for two women’s watches, RM 07-01 and RM 037, which shows that RICHARD MILLE pays attention to female wearers.

Over the years, RICHARD MILLE has provided women with more than RM 07-01 and RM 037 watches, as well as many beautiful women's watches. But think about it, women who are fascinated by RICHARD MILLE don’t just like those elegant, gorgeous and shining styles, they are more fascinated by the bold, avant-garde and maverick emphasized by the brand. They wear all RICHARD MILLE watches, Regardless of gender. Because this is a group of people who know how to "drive" their own lives, be what they want to be, and not be influenced by the world.2023 Zenith Defy 21 Ultra Colour

4 different materials and colors
RM 72-01 Lifestyle self-caliber chronograph,
Titanium alloy, red gold, white ceramic, black ceramic
For example, this RM 72-01 Lifestyle self-caliber chronograph is very popular among women. The watch is equipped with the brand's first self-developed chronograph movement, which has a flyback timing function. The movement also has an exclusive patent, which is called "oscillating pinion double meshing mechanism", which separates the connection operation of the minute wheel and the hour wheel from the second wheel. It sounds complicated, so I will skip it. Just know this design. One is to make the thickness of the watch thinner, and the other is to minimize power loss when the timing is started. No matter how long the chronograph function is enabled, it can provide a power reserve of 50 hours.

RM 72-01 Lifestyle Manufacture Chronograph Diamond Set
When the watch was first released in 2020, there were two versions of red gold and grade 5 titanium alloy. Later, white and black ceramic versions were launched. Recently, a platinum case with diamonds was launched, and three different Diamond inlaid craft version - step-cut diamond watch, the closely arranged diamonds are luxurious and full of visual tension; the round diamond watch is low-key and elegant without losing the noble temperament; gentle beauty.

Although it is inlaid with radiant and dazzling diamonds, it is actually suitable for both men and women. In the past, when the trend of large watches was just emerging, female friends were popular to "wear boyfriend's watches". But now, female watch owners of RICHARD MILLE, what you should worry about is that your boyfriend will rush to wear your buy fake watches!

Posted 14 Feb 2023

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