(Casino?) Game [PC, Windows] (2000s)

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Genre: Not completely sure (Maybe casino)

Estimated year of release: 2000s (Possibly 90s)

Graphics/art style: I think I remember casino-like graphics, like those of hoyle casino but I'm not completely sure. It won't let me send image links as a new user so I might have to comment the image links of what the game could have possibly looked like

Notable characters: I don't think there were any notable characters

Theme: The game seemed to center around gold but I don't think the objective of the game was to actually get gold it may have been part of the mini-games talked below.

Notable gameplay mechanics:
The mini-games inside the game
1. There was a dig-dug mini-game, I do not remember how I accessed it. (Could've been something that looked like dig-dug but not actually dig-dug)

2. I remember and a (gold rush?) mini-game also. I don't remember what it was exactly like but I remember vague images of pre-rendered backgrounds of a mine-cart with/without gold going down a cave.

3. There was a slots mini-game where somewhere you were slid a beer and you had a couple chances to catch it.

Possible canidates: One of the hoyle casino games, microsoft casino, gold club casino (1997) I don't think it is any of these though but they look very similar. The main problem is I can't find any casino games that have those mini-games incoporated in them.

Posted 20 Feb 2023

Oddly enough, MobyGames only has 12 games on the list of Windows gambling games
Posted 20 Feb 2023

I used to play a lot of casino games on my PC back in the day. From your description, it sounds like the game you're looking for could be one of the Hoyle Casino games or Microsoft Casino, but it's hard to say for sure without more information.
If you're still on the hunt for this game, have you tried checking out OLE777 Casino? They have a wide selection of online casino games that might be similar to the one you're looking for. Who knows, maybe you'll even find the exact game you've been searching for.
Good luck on your search, and let us know if you find the game you're looking for!
Posted 20 Feb 2023

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